On-Demand Until 30th May 2021

The BizX is Back! 

This year BizX will play host to global thought leaders such as the world’s no.1 marketing expert Seth Godin, the king of sales Jeffrey Gitomer and business magnate, Lord Alan Sugar. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes and successfully grown their businesses to aspirational heights – and they’re going to share with you how.

Join us for two highly packed and inspiring days where you will receive business insights from renowned leaders and be able to network with like-minded entrepreneurs who will truly make an impact on your business in a positive way. Not only will you get a huge amount of self-development, but also business know-how to unlock multiple returns on your investment in the two days. 

BizX 2021, an event you need to be at…

Stephen Mulhern, Lord Sugar, Seth Godin, Kim Scott, Paul McKenna, Wyatt Woodsmall, Marcus Buckingham, Anna Hemmings, Marcus Sheridan, Jeffery Gitomer, Brad Sugars, Alan Miltz, Jake Humphery, Professor Damian Hughes, Philip Hesketh, Penny Haslam, & Xenia Tchoumi

On-Demand Until 30th May 2021

The Benefits of Attending
Are Life-Changing:

  • Elevate you business know-how. Learn key strategies on marketing, relationships, leadership and more.
  • Network and learn with fellow bussiness oweners, entrepreneurs, and business coaches from all over Europe.
  • Rank among the best companies and leaders, as well as celebrating achievements with your team by entering for a chance to bring home a Business Excellence Award.

Programme and Speakers

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29th April 2021

 09:00 am BST

Welcome Stephen Mulhern

 09:10 am BST

Transform your life with the world’s No.1 Hypnotherapist

Paul McKenna

10 mins break

 10:15 am BST

Providing entrepreneurs with the tools to help scale up profit, cash and value.

Alan Miltz
 11:10 am BST

Change your life with Philip’s powerful techniques on the psychology of influence and persuasion

Philip Hesketh

10 mins break

 12:05 pm BST

6 x world champion. 3 times by age 24! BBC London Sports Personality of the year

Anna Hemmings


 01:40 pm BST

World’s No.1 marketing influencer.

Seth Godin

10 min break

 02:55 pm BST

Originator of the strengths movement, who challenges and inspires people to find and apply their strengths

Marcus Buckingham

10 min break

 04:05 pm BST

Author of New York Times best-seller ‘Radical Candor’

Kim Scott

10 min break

 05:15 pm BST

Founder of the Business Coaching Profession & the world’s No.1 business coach for 3 decades

Brad Sugars

Dinner & Get ready for awards

 07:00 pm BST

BizX UK Awards

Stephen Mulhern

30th April 2021

 09:00 am BST

Welcome Stephen Mulhern

 09:10 am BST

UK’s number 1 business, sports & lifestyle podcast host

Sports broadcaster Jake Humphrey
Leading organisational psychologist Professor Damien Hughes

10 min break

 10:25 am BST

Digital entrepreneur, Xenia has over 8million followers online

Xenia Tchoumi

10 min break

 11:25 am BST

Make yourself a little bit famous and get the exposure your business deserves

Penny Haslam


 12:55 pm BST

World’s No.1 sales guru

Jeffrey Gitomer

10 min break

 02:10 pm BST

The Godfather of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Wyatt Woodsmall

10 min break

 03:25 pm BST

Dubbed a ‘Web Marketing Guru’ by the New York Times

Marcus Sheridan
 04:35 pm BST

Billionaire business magnate interviewed by Brad Sugars

Lord Sugar and Brad Sugars
 05:30 pm BST

Wrap up with Stephen Mulhern

Stephen Mulhern
 06:30 pm - 08:00 pm BST

BizX USA Awards 

Brad Sugars